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Welcome to As Salahuddin Smart Tahfiz School™ (ASTAS™), the leading Tahfiz Kindergarten for Young Huffaz that was established with the hope of bringing quality huffaz to the world with a high Islamic principles yet modern, productive and cheerful environment for the bright ones.

The name that we are using for Tahfiz Kindergarten is As-Salahuddin Smart Tahfiz School™. Basically, we chose this name because there are the combination of two words that is English word and Arabic word. The name was explaining the approach that we use for the Tahfiz Kindergarten that is Islamic and Contemporary approach. Towards ‘Nurturing Young Huffaz’ is our tagline that means we must take the good opportunity to create our own style of teaching. In Tahfiz Kindergarten, we use the method and inculcate with the own style of  As-Salahuddin Smart Tahfiz School™ method.

ASTAS™ fundamental learning concept is a combination of thematic, hands on activities, project and play-based learning approach to achieve an idealistic Islamic Educational experience.

As-Salahuddin Smart Tahfiz School™ is the centre that ongoing towards developing the future leader by using Islamic and contemporary perspective, to produce the greatest Ummah who are intellectually, spiritually, emotionally, physically balance and harmonies. Such an effort is designed to produce Muslims generation with high moral standards and responsible towards religion with following the AL-Quran and As-Sunnah.