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  • To produce young generations of Qur'an literates and memorizers (huffaz) who practice Qur’anic teachings in their daily lives.
  • To cultivate righteous upbringing within Muslim families and the society as a whole.


  • To impart positive values and discipline within children in serving the religion, race and country according to the Islamic principles .
  • To expose the 4Rs to children (wRiting, Reading, aRithmetic, and Reasoning) prior to entering school


ASTAS™ Learning System

  • Memorize Al-Quran at young age
  • Interactive ISLAMIC & Sciences oriented themes!
  • English creative works and play
  • Reading individually recorded, everyday!
  • Carefully developed learning resources
  • Team of high-spirited educators
  • Unique enthusiastic ideas of events!
  • Mastering the basic Fine and Gross motor skills